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Welcome to Rusty Fields. Prove that you are the best burglar in the city. Wait for the night, prepare your tools, plan the heist and break into every house you can. Unlock new districts and make your way to the legendary treasure exposed in the History Museum. Can you do it before it's too late?

Up to four different districts to explore. Start in the suburbs and make all your way up to the rich mansions uptown. Grew up a reputation in the crime guild and unlock new districts one at a time.

Chose carefully you target and break in. Stuf your backpack with all the valuable items you can find and get out before the police arrives.  More than 100 different objects to steal.

Upgrade and unlock new tools to disable the security mesures of your targets. Or bribe the police to look away when things get ugly.

Pick lock doors, blow strong boxes, hack alarms. But do it fast, every second counts.

Totally free: no payments, no pay2win!

Good luck!

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Firstly, thanks to the dev so much for reaching out to me. Secondly, sorry for taking so long to actually play the game!

This is an awesome little steal-em-up about trying to claim your right to be the best burglar in town! Your idol has retired and you want his crown! He's not gonna give it up so easily though, so it's time to prove your worth!

I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who fancies themselves to be a bit of a steal master with a knack for puzzles. Get stuck in!

) youtu.be/od6x0wBHUiM

hey, this is really cool! I'd love to play but I don't have an android. Any plans for an Iphone or Pc/Mac release?


As soon as I have money for an iPhone I will release it for iOS  ^^'
But yes, definitely coming to iOS in the next weeks.

This is a procedural masterpiece :)