Compete with each other for cleaning your house faster than your oponent. Just put the garbage in the trash bin, or play dirty and throw everything into your neighbors apartment.

Alex Calero - Music & sound fx
Jose Maria Olea - Programming
Helena Tanco - 3d Art & visual FX
Andrés Vázquez - Programming

This game was created for the Global Game Jam 2019 in Barcelona.  
License Creative commons.

Updated 17 days ago
Published 18 days ago
Authorschemariz, gults34, Helena Tanco Garcia
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Casual, cleaning, competition, Global Game Jam, home, house, indie, Robots, Unity

Install instructions

 Use Firefox or Opera if you want to play it in your browser.

Just unzip, and execute the unity runnable.

Player one: W,A,S,D + left control
Player two: Arrow keys + Space


Download 31 MB

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